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Phenomenal Mind

Phenomenal Mind brings to light the power of the subconscious when survival becomes a question for the story’s leading character, Ananya. As she grapples with fear and resists change, she is thrust into a zone where there is no looking back.

The research-based work of fiction is riveted to real-life understandings of the different layers of the human mind. The story unravels Ananya’s inner states, the interactions between her conscious and subconscious minds and how these work in tandem in orchestrating her life-changing transformation. If you are a coach, you could consider adopting this knowledge in your coaching programs as you aim to transform your clients.

If you are a parent, understanding how thinking patterns, choices and resultant actions can be altered for your child at the early stages of development can aid you in grooming your child into an adult brimmed with self-esteem and vigour.

Stories of individuals overcoming their life’s hurdles and emerging as successful personalities are galore. These stories outline with finesse the outer accomplishments of these individuals. But the actual inner mind processes underwent by them remains an area less explored for its finer details.

Transformation Demystified

Are your clients consistently derailing on their action plans?


Are you noticing signs of resistance to progress forward?


Or are you looking for that universal technique that will transform any coachee?

Transformation Demystified is a book for practicing coaches that details a coaching process called the, Belief Tracing ® technique. With 16 Powerful Question intercepts leading to 5 Probing Outcomes, the technique equips you to deliver a structured and in-depth coaching conversation.

Entailing two real-life case studies, three downloadable workbooks, plenty of visual aids and key concepts namely, coachee’s Internal field of vision, Coachee Orientation framework, Dimensional Hierarchy in Underlying Beliefs, Proof of Change framework, the book could be your universal coaching tool for driving transformational impact for your clients.

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