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Your excellence,
stems from the power of your subconscious

Gift yourself the experience of a
life- changing transformation
and become the

Phenomenal You!

  • Award-winning Transformational Coach

  • Author of 2 coaching books

  • Over 4000 hours of Transformational Coaching experience

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All our problems have an underlying pattern
To tackle your problem, you must get to its root cause

When we adopt coaching techniques that identify and resolve the root cause, the end result is a life-changing transformation!

S Narayan Subbarayan, Executive Board Member, Saharo Booking Sdn BHD

Vidhya is a great coach. Her sessions immensely helped me in enhancing my self-awareness. Her questions and frameworks are powerful and makes one think.  I can’t say how thankful I am for the sessions we did, Vidhya. There is a phenomenal change in the way I respond and tackle business problems today. Thank you for the support and guidance throughout.


Major Vaibhav Maheshwari, Head of Sales and Business Development, Rotex Automation Ltd

It has been such an enriching journey with Vidhya. At the start of the engagement, I knew my strength was in relationship management and I had   strong sales pipelines through my networking capabilities. However, the coaching sessions with Vidhya were thought provoking and insightful. After each session I could see my relationship strategies started to evolve for the better. Vidhya has a sharp mind and as a coach she excelled at pushing me to get the best version of myself.


Vaneet Kaur, HR Professional, Canada

I can't say it enough how thankful I am for the sessions we did. Since then I can see a change in the way I handle relationships. You are an angel to me. Thank you so much.

Phenomenal Mind


Stories of individuals overcoming their life’s hurdles and emerging as successful personalities are galore. These stories outline with finesse the outer accomplishments of these individuals. But the actual inner mind processes underwent by them remains an area less explored for its finer details.

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Transformation Demystified

Are your clients consistently derailing on their action plans?


Are you noticing signs of resistance to progress forward?


Or are you looking for that universal technique that will transform any coachee?

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A Note from Vidhya

Each one of us has our own passions and our ways of giving back. My one such passion is well-being - physical and mental well-being. In a fast paced, consumption driven world, I dream of one that allows for individuals to follow their passion and at the same time create harmony within themselves. Inner harmony is the essence of holistic well-being and accomplishing that is a difficult feat in today’s family and professional environments we operate in.

Although it is difficult, it is not impossible. There is a science to gaining this inner harmony and I believe in sharing whatever knowledge that I have unearthed over these years so that others travelling on this path can realize and lead a life that is balanced and yet successful.

Coaching is my way of sharing that knowledge. I have found it to be a powerful way to trigger self-awareness and enable those truly seeking inner harmony in accomplishing just that.

All proceeds from the sale of my coaching books and the coaching sessions are donated to a wellness and educational trust. The trust is run by volunteers from different walks of life who strive to create societal transformations through holistic well-being.

To inner harmony.....

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